Any buzz or success this film may have is important because of how unknown this extraordinary man is in comparison to his achievements. He was a war hero, a gay icon, the father of the computer age. There should be statues of him in important parts of London. Yet he, and many thousands of gay men like him, were prosecuted and persecuted in England’s embarrassing and shaming recent history. — Benedict Cumberbatch on The Imitation Game and Alan Turing (x x)

make me choose: molly solverson or melisandre of asshai [by eposetties]
↳ my mother was a slave. so was i. bought and sold. scourged and branded.

  •  *favorite character appears*
  • me: *delighted pterodactyl noises*

“If five-year-old George could see this, she’d be like ‘oh my god!’. Hopefully I can just snap my fingers and barnyard creatures will come and help me. I think that works now.”

"I love the way dancers express their feelings through movement instead of with words. I would have enjoyed making silent films."

Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart on the set of The African Queen, 1951.